Food Flavors

Firmenich Durarome FlavorFruit FlavoringWine FlavoringFlower and Herb FlavoringVegetable FlavoringMeat and Seafood FlavoringMilk and Butter FlavoringNut and Grain Flavoring

EmulsifiersFunction System

Sodium Stearoyl LactylatesDiacetyl Tartaric acid Esters of MonoglyceridesFunction System for dairy productMono-DiglyceridesFunction System for soy milk productDistilled Monoglycerides
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Health Foods

Monk Fruit ExtractMedium Chain Triglycerides, MCT ( liquid and powder form )Canola oil powderFructooligosaccharide, FOSGalactooligosaccharides,GOSNatural Dietary Fiber

AntioxidantsNatural Antimicrobial

Grapefruit ExtractRosemary ExtractNisinTertiary-Butyl Hydroquinone, TBHQNatamycinButylated Hydroxytoluene, BHT
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Dairy product additives

MPC MPIWPC WPILactoseNon dairy creamerFoamer creamerWhipping agentHydrolysed casein protein(Glutamic acid)Hydrolysed whey protein(BCAA)


PectinAlginateCarrageenanCarboxymethyl cellulose, CMCGuar GumXathan GumLocust Bean Gum
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Savoury Ingredients

HVPE-HVPSavoury FlavouringNatural Extract熱反應型鹹性香料


LysozymeXylanaseAmylaseComplex EnzymeProteaseLipaseFrozen Doughs Synthesize Enzyme
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Liquid Concentrate Coffee ExtractSpray Dried Coffee ExtractFreeze Dried Coffee ExtractSpray Dried & Freeze Dried Coffee Substitute單品產地(凍乾型)咖啡


ProbiticLactic Acid Culture
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